Slide-Lok Garage Flooring features excellent color and gloss retention and is available in a wide variety of colors. Our floors feature a coating system that is UV, impact and abrasion resistent.

What makes Slide-Lok Garage Flooring the best in the industry? It's our use of a coating that is 4x stronger than epoxy, will not yellow or fade, and can be applied in 1 day.

Garage Flooring by Slide-Lok utilizes a new generation of fast-curing, polyaspartic material. Our garage floors can be applied at temperatures as low as -20oF/-29oC.

* Walk on (8 hours)

* Drive on (24 hours)





Slide-Lok garage floors provide excellent adhesion to concrete and do not require a separate or special primer. In addition, the slip resistance of Slide-Lok garage floors can be tailored to your precise needs by adding micro media agents.

Consider Slide-Lok Garage Flooring not only for your garage, but also for your pool decks, courtyards, basements, showrooms or Commercial Applications!

When it comes to garage floors, Slide-Lok's the name to trust!!